• Lisa Chan

Healthy ways to support your body, any time of year

A bad flu season, ongoing allergies, the common cold -- it often feels like our bodies are fighting off round after round of infections and stress. While we can often keep things at bay with our healthy habits (enough sleep, good nutrition, exercise, and daily self-care rituals), sometimes we fall off the wagon, or just get slammed with a bad infection.

Here are my go-to strategies when I'm feeling under the weather:

-Turmeric tea: I pour recently boiled water in a mug with about a 1/2 t of ground turmeric and a spoonful of a good honey (as local as possible), I drink 1-3 cups a day when I'm fighting an illness (especially my when throat feels raw).

-I increase my Vitamin C and D, add zinc supplements, and drink lots of water and herbal teas. I also make sure I'm eating plenty of protein and healthy fats. I find that getting hungry when I'm already run down makes me feel twice as miserable!

-First thing in the morning I do coconut oil "pulling" (swish a spoonful of coconut oil in my mouth for at least 5 minutes) to draw down and spit out all the nasty post-nasal drip that has been accumulating at night. Sometimes I repeat later in the day if I'm struggling.

-Mark's Daily Apple has an article about allergies that helps to explain a lot about our ongoing health struggles.

-Related to that article, when I'm sick/struggling I cut out grains (especially wheat), cow's milk, and reduce my processed sugar intake as much as possible

-There are some essential oils that have helped me and my family through some tough patches (i.e. peppermint for digestive problems and eucalyptus for respiratory support). Always read the directions carefully, as some are safe for consumption and/or diffusers, while others can only be applied topically.

-Try to keep moving (within reason). Your lymphatic system helps fight off infections, and lymph (a clear fluid full of infection-fighting white blood cells) is moved through your body mechanically, by your muscle and joint pumps. So while it's important to rest up and get plenty of sleep, it's also important to move enough to circulate the lymph through your body.

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